Jones Act and Maritime Injury Attorneys

Strategic Plan.
Tactical Defense. 

Jones Act and
Maritime Injury

When working in one of the most complicated practice areas, the adept attorneys at Juge Napolitano are here to help insurance companies navigate Jones Act and Maritime Injury defense. Whether handling a worker injured in navigable water or employees on an off-shore vessel, we approach even the most complex cases with a detailed legal evaluation to determine the most diligent defense for each client.

Who we represent:

Insurance Companies that issue WC/EL policies
Insurance companies which issue Maritime Employers Liability policies
Employers who own or operate vessels or who employ workers
assigned to non-owned or operated vessels

Vast Experience, Innovative Methodology.

With nearly 70 years of cumulative experience in the Jones Act and Maritime Injury arena, our expert injury lawyers have evolved their defense strategies alongside this multifaceted practice area. Our goal when representing employers on the Mississippi River, the offshore marine or oil industry settings is simple: keep an open line of communication with our clients to get ahead of potential problems and avoid litigation. Developing succinct yet responsive counseling methodologies over the years, including negotiation skills, familiarization of local practitioners and comprehensive solutions, we formulate and implement dynamic defense that allows us to effectively bring a case to resolution.

Jones Act Defense

With a get it right the first time mindset, our highly-trained attorneys’ experience extends into defense for employers dealing with Jones Act claims for negligence, injury and damages.


905 (b) Claims

Juge Napolitano offers specialized guidance for cases that do not conclude in an early resolution. By incorporating a team approach with our clients and vendors, we adopt a vigorous strategy with a cohesive, logical defense in court.

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