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Employment Practice Liability

In conjunction with our traditional focus on workers’ compensation, Juge Napolitano’s attorneys combine practical knowledge of business and a pragmatic approach to resolution to offer full service legal advice for employers through extensive labor and employment practice liability defense.

What we defend:

What we defend:

Wrongful Termination Claims
Retaliation Claims

Although we fearlessly defend clients on wrongful termination suits and employer liability issues, for many of our clients, our work doesn’t end in the courtroom. The employment practice liability attorneys at Juge Napolitano work hand-in-hand with clients, maintaining a team approach and assisting them in drafting specific policies, procedures, and employee handbooks to ensure future protection from various employment related exposures.

Who we represent

Who we represent

Insurance Companies

Wrongful Termination Defense

Employers who treat an injured worker differently and worse after they’ve had an accident can oftentimes leave themselves open to a potential retaliatory discharge or wrongful termination claim. With the sage advice of Juge Napolitano’s wrongful termination lawyers, we can help you determine if and when an employee should be terminated in accordance with workplace policies and retaliator and wrongful discharge law.

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Intentional Tort Litigation

Under the Workers Compensation Act fault free system, employers and workers compensation carriers are granted to tort immunity to prevent litigation for employer negligence, with the exception of an intentional act. From experience representing a wide magnitude of businesses, Juge Napolitano’s team offers extensive litigation practices and our counsel is fully prepared to lead our clients through to victory.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Exclusive Remedy and Intentional Tort Claims

Policy & Procedures Assistance

Creating thorough employee policies and procedures is the first step in protecting employers from claims. Our team of employment practice liability lawyers can help employers draft drug testing policies and employee handbooks to follow best practices in the workplace.

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